Tricky Towers

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

Love Tetris and playing games with other people? Tricky Towers is a crazy take on Tetris and multiplayer gameplay.


The gameplay is very simple if you have played Tetris before; even for people who haven't, it is easy enough to figure out. Use Tetris-style blocks to stack your tower to the finish line at the top. You gain power ups as you build your tower higher, with the option to strengthen your tower or sabotage your opponents'. There are other game modes besides the standard (described above). In one of the alternative game modes, you try to stack a specified number of blocks while trying to keep your tower upright; the goal is to use up all of the blocks on your tower without it falling over, or losing too many blocks. In the last mode, the goal is to stack as many blocks as possible below a certain specified line; this often makes you built out rather than up. You can see all these game modes in the trailer at the end of this review. With all the game modes and the online play (which we will talk about later) there are a lot of things to do. It can get really crazy when you get four people together to play this. You will find out fast who likes to sabotage and who keeps to themselves. My wife and I have really enjoyed this game; it is something you can sit down and play for a couple minutes, yet feel as though you got some quality gaming in - all without spending hours glued to the TV.

See our gameplay below:


This game does have online gameplay, and you can play the same modes online that you can locally. The only downside for me is that you can't have split-screen online play - something my wife and I look for in games. The online also has a shop where you can buy decorative blocks for your gameplay, which is a nice touch.

Trailer below:


This is a really fun game to play with others, locally or online. If you have ever played Tetris (or even if you haven't) and loved it, this game is for you! It takes the basics of Tetris, and adds physics and tower building to make a great game that is just as addicting. My only gripe with the game is that you can't play split-screen online - something I have found that a lot of games don't offer for some reason.

Price (Only on Eshop*): $14.99

*Also available on PS4/Xbox One and Steam (PC)

Rating: 4/5 Stars


+ Great Multiplayer

+ Easy Concept

+ Fun Game Modes


- No Split screen online

Family Approved:

+ Ages 7 and up

+ Great for couples