Tools Up!

Updated: Feb 19

Tools Up! is a great co-op game that has you test your teamwork skills, in some ways similar to one of my favorite games - Overcooked!. In this game you paint walls, tear off wallpaper, and move couches, working against the clock. Let's break down another co-op game on the Nintendo Switch.


The overall objective of Tools Up! is to repair an entire apartment building. Each level has a different apartment or apartments; levels can only be accessed by gaining enough stars from previously completed apartments to travel in the elevator to the next floor. Each individual apartment has specific tasks which must be accomplished accurately to complete the level - you might have to clean up floors, change paint color, remove and replace flooring, and move objects to a certain area, among other things (these are just a few examples of the work that may have to be done). You have to work with your partner or partners to get all the tasks done on time.

Stars are earned based on if you completed all the tasks or not; the downside is, you don't get bonus stars for completing the level faster than the required time, which in games like Overcooked creates more of a challenge.

When you enter an apartment you can go straight to the blueprint, which will be on the floor in one of the rooms, and see what needs to be done. While the blueprint is open and being used your teammates cannot move around and get started on any work, so you won't want to stare at it too long. However, if you need a reminder of what goes where, you can open the blueprint as many times as needed throughout the gameplay. After viewing the blueprint, you need to set a plan in motion and get to work. An obstacle you will encounter is that you may not have all the supplies required to complete the tasks. In these instances, the supplies will come later on in the level - a delivery man will bring your supplies to the door and ring the doorbell, at which point you can choose to either stop what you are doing and take the supplies from him, or ignore the delivery (the delivery man will leave) and wait for them to come back.


I have found that the Switch is home to a lot of games in the couch co-op genre. Tools Up! is a great addition to this category on the Switch. There are a few minor aspects I would love to see changed, such as not getting bonus stars for time, which I would love to see added with a free update to the game. However, the level design and co-op experience make up for this small downfall. If you are looking for another game like Overcooked, this is a great option. If you want a fun game for the family to play together this is also a recommendation for you.

Price: $ Can be found on the eShop here

Rating: 3.5/5 stars


+ level design

+ great co-op experience


- not enough of a challenge

Family approved:+ Age 7 and up