Techmike's Nintendo Switch

I am going to do a kind of post that I haven't done before. I want to share all the things I have bought so far for my Nintendo Switch set-up; I will share where to find the items and link my reviews (if I have one yet) for each item.

My Switch

First off, the system I have is the neon joy-con Switch - $300

Additional Storage

The Nintendo Switch has 32 GB of internal storage, which will fill up fast if you plan on buying any digital games (even with some physical games you have to download more content before you can play). I have a 32 GB micro SD card for more storage, which is already half full. I recommend getting one for your Nintendo Switch; they are fairly inexpensive.

Micro SD cards can be found here

32 GB - ($7.99)

64 GB - ($11.99)

128 GB - ($19.99)


I have extra joy-cons, in the color gray (shown in the photo above, charging behind the pro-controller) - $79.99

I also got the Splatoon 2 pro-controller (there are multiple options out there for pro-controllers). Review and links here

To go with the controllers I do have the PowerA charging station - Review and links here

Game Case

I have a carrying case for all my games as well, which comes in handy when travelling - Review and links here

Dock Accessories

I have multiple TV's in my house and thus decided to have multiple docks (extra docks can be found here for around $69.99). We have loved the convenience of having a dock for each TV.

You will notice that my dock looks a little different than most; I wanted my main dock to be a little more exciting, and make the set-up come alive a little. This is a light-up dock shield from PDP that comes with Breath of the Wild or Mario Odyssey plates for the front. It also has different colors and modes for the lights. I recommend this dock shield if you want to spice up your Nintendo Switch set-up - $15.99

Fun Accessories

Before I get to what games I have, I want to point out my Pixel Pal White Link. I bought this and the battery pack adapter, which lets me plug it into the dock. This is a fun addition and adds a little to the set up - $14.99


Finally, let me share what games I have for my Nintendo switch - I will label them as physical or digital, provide a link to my review (if available), and add a link to find it on Amazon. This is not a ranking list

Tricky Towers (Digital) - Review and link here

Lego: The Incredibles (Physical) - Review coming soon (link to game here)

Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Physical) - Review coming soon (link to game here)

Diablo 3 (Physical) - Review and link here

Mario Kart 8 (Physical) - Review coming soon (link to game here)

FutureGrind (Digital) - Review and link here

Kirby Star Allies (Physical) - Review coming soon (link to game here)

Tetris 99 (Digital) - Review coming soon (comes with Switch online)

Overcooked 1 and 2 (Digital) - Review and link here

Rocket League (Digital) - Review coming soon (link to physical game here)

Minecraft (Digital) - Review coming soon (link to physical game here)

Splatoon 2 (Physical) - Review and link here

Super Mario Odyssey (Physical) - Review coming soon (link to game here)

Pokemon: Lets Go Eevee and Pikachu (Physical) - Review and link here

Catastronauts! (Digital) - Review and link here

Super Mario Party (Physical) - Review and link here (currently a deal here)

Bad North (Digital) - Review and link here

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle (Physical) - Review coming soon (link to game here)

Let me know what you have bought for your Switch. What fun items have you found? Also, what would you like me to review next? Comment below.