Sniper Elite 3

Sniper Elite 3: Ultimate Edition is a great third-person shooter on the Nintendo Switch. Thus far the Nintendo Switch as a system seems to lack games in this genre. This is a remake from the original game that was launched on last generation consoles like the PS3 and Xbox 360. The Ultimate Edition does have a couple missions (including a co-op mission), weapons, multiplayer maps, and the shooting range added from the additional content that was released for this game in the past. Like the title suggests, you are a sniper during WW2 with different missions of assassinating, collecting and destroying different objectives. This game is very strategic and stealthy in its gameplay.

*I will be upfront that this game is not family friendly and the videos below do show some gore.


This game is all about stealth and killing quietly. The game gives you different tools to distract your enemies or take them off your scent.

This game can test your patience, because most of the time you are crawling around or scoping out the landscape to plan your attack. I also found that every mission incorporates some sort of noise that can cover your shots if planned correctly; these might come in the form of storms, planes, generators, or any number of game aspects. The missions also have a cool history themed dialog in the beginning and show some cool WW2 propaganda.

One of the complaints I have with this game involves the controls; while walking around the controls feel a little jumpy and don't feel as smooth as other games - this could have to do with it being a last generation game. The one bonus is the addition of motion controls for aiming and HD rumble. I felt that some of the missions were a little boring at times, and didn't have much going on. I also don't like how dumb the enemy AI is on all the difficulty levels. One part this game does get right is in regards to the snipe shots you can create and the x-ray kill cam, which this game is famous for. There are some skills to acquire within this game, including mastering gravity, wind and even your heart rate.

Overall, the gameplay is great and it's very satisfying to get a far sniping shot off. This game does remind me of Assassins Creed is some ways, but with a sniper rifle. I will also say that for a game from the last generation of consoles the graphics are pretty good.


Multiplayer is something I didn't really expect when I heard of this game, but is a great addition. The Nintendo Switch has some exclusive features in this category with local co-op and multiplayer added to this game. You can co-op through the entire campaign and in the Overwatch and Survival modes; or you can battle in local competitive multiplayer for up to 4 players. You can also go online with up to 8 players. They've also included a few other great modes such as Distance King, No Cross, and Capture the Flag.


I would recommend this game to anyone who wants a good shooter but doesn't mind sneaking around for the kills. This game will test your patience in that you have to be stealthy or you will die. At times this game can be intense, while at other times the missions feel kind of bare. Some of the controls can be a little jumpy when running or walking around, but are overall pretty good. I for one was pleasantly surprised by this game and what it has to offer. It was nice to see a game like this one come to the Nintendo Switch.

Price: $39.99 Can be found on Gamestop here

Rating: 3.5/5 stars


+ Overall Gameplay

+ Kill cam


- Controls

- Missions

Not Family Approved:

- to much violence and gore