Red Wings: Aces of the Sky


This game has you flying in the skies with some air-to-air combat from WWI. Fly old prop planes and find out how intense these battles can be! Red Wings is an arcade-style action game which has a historical story and fun graphics and sounds.


The game play has you pilot some historic aircraft from the Entente Powers or Triple Alliance.


Each plane has its own speed and gun cool down. The gun cool down is something you have to watch out for when playing this game - you cannot hold down the trigger for too long or your gun will overheat and you will have to wait for a little while to begin using it again, which can obviously be a problem in the middle of a fight. You can build out a skill tree to reduce the cool down, armor piercing rounds, etc. To do this you earn stars by completing levels. You will also notice that on the bottom right of the screen (in the video) there are some icons - these icons are used for special abilities like a barrel roll, turn around, call squadron, and special kill. These have cool downs as well, so be careful when you use them.


Each level in this game has a unique objective to complete. This game, like many games before it, rates you on a three star system. These stars are used to upgrade your skill tree which was talked about in "Planes/Upgrades". In order to get three stars you need to meet the objective as well as complete it in a certain amount of time or get a certain score. In order to get a better score you need to defeat more enemies and get bonus combos (in other words, kill them fast so you get a combo boost). I found the levels fun and often challenging, though they sometimes felt repetitive; however, I realize there is only so much you can do with a plane. One thing that this game added was a co-op option, which is a huge deal for me and my family. A game is always better when sharing the experience with another.


This game was a fun surprise for me and I found myself coming back and trying to get three stars on all the levels. As mentioned before, the levels do get repetitive after awhile - this often made me take breaks between levels. The controls felt smooth and the music and voice over adds a nice historic feel. Adding co-op into the game is always a plus for me as well. I would suggest this to any gamer who wants to sit down and fly in WWI while shooting down some planes.

Price: $17.99 Can be found on the eShop here

Rating: 3.5/5 stars


+ Co-op

+ Engaging gameplay

+ Historical story


- Repetitive levels