Updated: Sep 27, 2019

Overcooked 2 is one of the best couch co-op games I have ever played and builds on the original Overcooked! Overcooked 2 also has online features as a bonus. The differences between 1 and 2 are minor - they have different recipes, levels, themes, chefs, and Overcooked 2 has a more polished look and mechanics.

This game will have everyone trying to cooperate while yelling out commands. Let's dive into this game and what makes it the best co-op experience I have had on the Nintendo Switch.

The Game

This game is all about cooperation with your team to get tasks done - and not just get them done, but on time with enough to reach a three star score. Challenge yourself to get 3 star scores and complete hidden tasks withing the level to unlock the bonus levels. Overcooked 2 has been updated recently to allow you to go back through the story mode and try to get a fourth sta


The story to this game is to save the kingdom by mastering new recipes to fend off the "unbread". The story doesn't really have much to do with the game but adds some charm as well as humor. Some enjoy the story and some don't, for me this just adds a little touch to the game.


At the start of this game you are to choose what chef you want to be - there are tons of options and more to unlock as you go. The characters include an octopus, granny, alligator, a cat and many more. Completing story levels unlock more chefs as you progress through the story.


Map from the Freezing update

In story mode you are driving your food truck to different levels. Once you complete a level with at least a 1 star rating it will unlock the next level. This game also has different sections of the map to unlock. The sections are themed and dictate how the levels look when playing inside them. Some of the themes included are the desert, space, the sky, etc. Each theme has its own special recipe you will cook as well.


From the Freezing update

There are many recipes you will see in these games. Each recipe has its difficulties but all are simple in design. For example the recipe to the left shows that you have to cook chocolate and milk together, throw it into a cup and top with chopped marshmallows and whipped cream. Each recipe within the game has a similar simple structure. As each step is performed, a timer bar appears next to your character. This timer bar lets you know when your task is done. This also appears next to a mixer, oven, or pan on the stove to let you know when these tasks are done as well.


The controls are definitely a highlight of the game and make it easy for anyone to pick up and play. Above you can see the controls: the main ones are Pick Up/Drop, Chop/Throw, and move. This means you are mostly using two buttons and the joystick. This game can be played with two joy-cons, one joy-con or a pro controller.


This game allows play for 1-4 players; I recommend 2-4 for the best experience with this game. When you enter a level you will see both a timer for the level and your score, shown on the bottom left and bottom right of the screen respectively. In the top left of the screen you are presented with all the current orders. Complete these orders on time (individual orders each have a timer bar) and you get a tip (bonus to your score). If you do not complete them in time you get penalized but still have to complete the order (the timer bar will start over). As you can see from the pictures of the game, the levels are not what you expect a kitchen to look like. They have lots of moving parts, obstacles, and at times you are separated from your team. Each person has to work together to get tasks done and complete the orders together. This means assigning people tasks and tying to make sure you pass along the dish to get all the components on the plate or in the cup. These levels can create mass chaos and players are likely to get fired up and loud as they (sometimes frantically) try to get orders in on time. This definitely challenges your relationships and communications skills.

Versus Mode

This is another game mode in which teams of 2 go against each other in the kitchen. Each team has to put out orders faster than the others team. The team with the most points at the end wins. This mode is really fun for couple vs couple or parents vs kids.


Overcooked 2 introduces online game play to the series. This is great for single players looking for others to play with. You can play with friends on your Nintendo friend list. My one gripe with this mode is that it doesn't allow 2 players on one console to play 2 other players on another console. This is something I would like so my wife and I could play other couples online.


This game is one of my favorites on the Nintendo Switch and a game that my wife and family keep coming back to. Competing together and communicating on how to get a task done can be fun. This game will also show how some people work well together and some don't. Don't be surprised if some people get loud in this game - it can get very intense. This game is great for parties, family time, or even couples looking for some fun. I highly recommend this game to anyone looking for a great multiplayer.

Game on Amazon (Also on the eShop):

Overcooked: https://amzn.to/2BtKgy9

Overcooked 2: https://amzn.to/2QCBBUq

Rating: 5/5 stars


+ Best multiplayer

+ Easy controls

+ Concept is easy


- Online play

Family Approved:

+ Awesome for Couples/Families

+ Age 7 and up