Nintendo Switch Lite

Updated: Sep 1, 2019


There have been rumors going around for months now about a Switch Pro or Mini. When E3 passed with no mention of these devices, people were thinking maybe next year or late this year they would announce something. Well, here we are in July of 2019 and they have dropped the news that they are going to release a new version of the Switch, the Switch Lite, on 9/20/2019.

What is the Lite?

The lite version of the Nintendo Switch is just what it sounds like - it's a lighter and more compacted version of the current Switch. With that said, we should look at the differences in this Switch compared to the original Switch.

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As you can see above, this system cannot be docked for TV play. It also does not have removable joy-con controllers for multiplayer play; however, it can connect to joy-con controllers and (it hasn't been confirmed) but probably pro controllers as well. With the purchase of a cheap stand you could play with this in tabletop mode. The console doesn't have HD rumble or the IR Motion Camera. It does, however, add a traditional D-pad to the left side of the console - this is something a lot of people have been asking for on left joy-cons. Now, the form factor is a couple inches shorter in length and height, but has the same thickness and weighs slightly less as the original Switch. The screen on the Lite is the same resolution as its' predecessor, but is a 5.5 inch display instead of the 6.2 inch. The console also has a better battery and can last about an hour longer than the original Switch. Also, all current Switch games can be played on this system if they support handheld mode.

Something fun about the Switch Lite is that it comes in three different colors (seen below). This makes me think this system is geared more towards kids or people who like the 3DS or 2DS portable gaming experience; it also adds a little more character to the system.

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It was also announced that a special edition Pokemon Switch Lite will be released November 8th, right after Sword and Shield comes out (I will be writing a post soon on everything we know about this game). Which can be pre-orderd at GameStop here.

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The Switch Lite is not for everyone, of course, but is something that I think will sell very well. The Lite comes in at $199.99 which is $100 cheaper than the original Nintendo Switch. This is a great entry point for parents with children, or people who want to play in handheld more than on the TV to begin with. I am excited to see one of these in person and see what others think of the Lite. I probably won't pick one up, as my child is still to young for video games; however, if I do get a hold of one I will be sure to review this unit.

All the varieties of the Switch Lite can be pre-ordered here at GameStop.