Nintendo Switch Accessory Kit

Updated: Sep 17, 2019


Ever want a case that can hold a little more than your Switch and some games? Well, this Switch kit from Bestico is a great option. I received this product to review, and I love what this case has to offer. I will break down each part of the case and the accessories that come with it.


The case has a nice hard shell on the outside to protect your Switch and the accessories inside. The case can hold a charger, joy-con grip (with joy-cons), 10 games, and the accessories I will explain below. This also has a zipper pocket at the top to fit additional joy-cons or more games (shown in the video below). Everything fits nice and snug so nothing will move around inside. This is a great travel case for a trip or to a family/friends house. The only downside is that it doesn't store a pro controller or the dock.

Switch Grip

The grip this kit comes with is one of my favorite parts of the set. The grip covers the back of the Switch and the joy-cons. It adds a little bump at the bottom of the joy-cons, which allows it to rest nicely in your palms when playing in handheld. I do a lot of my gaming now in handheld, and without this grip it's difficult to play for long periods of time - the Switch joy-cons dig into your palms and the Switch doesn't have anything your for your hands to grasp. Another plus for this grip is that you don't have to take it off in order to dock the switch - the makers included indents as a feature on the grip to make this possible.

Switch Stand

I have seen many attempts by companies to make a stand for the Switch for playing in tabletop mode. Now, while I don't play in this mode very often, I can say the kick stand on back of the Switch isn't very good and there is no way to charge it while the kick stand is being used. Bestico's version of a stand is a great option if you want to play in this mode - it brings back the ability to charge the switch while in tabletop, and has two different angles for play. It also definitely feels a little more secure than the included kick stand on the Switch. In addition, this stand folds down to fit in the case - you can see this in the video review below.

Here is my video review of the Bestico 3 in 1 Nintendo Switch Accessory Kit:


Bestico has done a great job making a case, with the bonus of adding awesome accessories to go with it. The accessories help address some of the negatives of the Switch. This case, along with the accessories, is a great option for those who travel with their Switch, or those who want a convenient way to store it. For me. the best part of this set is the grip, as it has really adds comfort for long handheld gaming sessions. The only downside in my mind is the inability to store a pro controller or the dock in this case, but there are a lot of positives to help make up for that; with that in mind, I would recommend this case to anyone.

Price: $25.99

Can be found on Amazon here

Rating: 4.5/5 stars


+ Grip

+ Extra room

+ Hard shell


- No dock space

- Can't fit pro controller