Nintendo Direct Highlights 9/4/2019


This Nintendo direct had titles for every person; they started with the very popular e-sport title, Overwatch which is a great addition to the Switch's library of games. They also gave some great details on the multiplayer options in Luigi's Mansion 3. In addition, we got more of a look into Little Town Hero from GameFreak (creators of Pokemon). Of course, more Smash Bros. news - including the announcement of a new character. Then, they dove in to a ton of games coming to the Switch -you can see the ones which I thought looked interesting below. Finally, they announced and released SNES games for online subscribers. Take a look at the list below and watch the full direct (found at the bottom of this post) for a better look into these games.

Games to look out for:

  • Overwatch available on 10/15/19

  • Luigi's Mansion Scream Park (multiplayer party mode with up to 8 players on one system) available on 10/31/19

  • Little Town Hero available on 10/16/19

  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate release date for Banjo-Kazooie is 9/4/19 and the new hero Terry (from Fatal Fury) is coming in November 2019.

  • Link's Awakening available on 9/20/19 (Amiibo coming same-day)

  • Dragon Quest 11 S available on 9/27/19 (Free demo now on the e-Shop))

  • Tokyo Mirage Sessions FE Encore available on 1/17/20

  • Divinity 2: Original Sin available today

  • Doom 64 available on 11/22/19

  • Rogue Company available in 2020

  • More info on Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield (2 new Pokemon, Pokemon camps, and cooking curry)

  • SNES games with online subscription available 9/5! (SNES controller coming as well)

  • Tetris 99 update and DLC (physical copy available on 9/6/19)

  • Mario and Sonic at the Olympics available on 11/5/19

  • Star Wars: Jedi Knight 2 available on 9/24/19

  • Witcher 3 available on 10/25/19

  • Assassins Creed Black Flag/Rouge available on 12/6/19

  • Just Dance 2020 available on 11/5/19

  • GRID Autosport available on 9/15/19

  • NBA 2K20 available on 9/6/19

  • Devil May Cry 2 available on 9/19/19

  • Animal Crossing New Horizons available on 3/20/20

  • Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition available in 2020


This Direct was dropped when no one expected it; some great new releases were announced and more information was given on multiple titles we already knew about. I am still excited for Luigi's Mansion, Pokemon, and Link's Awakening for my end of the year line-up. I was pleasantly surprised by the Assassins Creed bundle of Black Flag and Rouge coming to the Switch. Nintendo does a great job offering a good selection of games, and there is always something for everyone. Which games shown in the Direct have you excited?

Nintendo Direct video: