More Pokemon News!

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

The news just keeps flowing for the new upcoming Pokemon game! We got a look at some new Pokemon and new forms of Pokemon, as well as more about the story and some characters. I will break it all down and give you my opinion on how this game is shaping up.


The most important thing about a Pokemon game is what different types of Pokemon will we see - this new trailer that was just released went over a few brand new Pokemon as well as new forms of Pokemon. Lets dive-in to what kinds we can expect - see below for all the ones announced:

First on the list (upper left corner) is a new form of Zigzagoon which has been added the type of dark and his evolution Linoone, they also introduced a new evolution in the form of Obstagoon. Moving down to the second row you can see there is a new form for Weezing, which has a strange chimney/top hat and was added with fairy type. Lastly, we get to the new Pokemon introduced, Morpeko. Morpeko (looks like Pikachu) is an electric dark type with a special move called Aura Wheel. This Pokemon also has two forms (shown above, last two) which changes its special move from electric to dark, we are still not sure how the form switching works in battle. I really like the re-imagining of past Pokemon, it gives them new life. These games also have introduced a lot of different strategies from Dynamax to Gigantamax to now form switching in battle.


We were introduced to a few new characters in this new trailer. First, there is a new rival named Bede, which seems to be kind of a bully (which hopefully means not friendly, like in the other games). There is also Marnie, who seems to be in charge of the new criminal group called Team Yell. The new team looks interesting to say the least - we will see how the story goes with these new additions.

New Jobs?

There was also something which wasn't in the video but was released on the official Pokemon Twitter account. According to the post, it looks like you can assign your Pokemon to work, which gives them experience points. This is like a new daycare system, which seems very interesting.

A closer look at the job listings:

The trailer video can be found here:


This game is introducing a lot of new mechanics for battling, new Pokemon and forms of Pokemon, new characters, and new systems in the world to interact with. I have a feeling that this Pokemon game will include a big story-line, and have more of a variety of things to do than others in the past. I also have a feeling that the end game will still leave plenty to do and explore. I, for one, am really excited to see where these games go and can't wait to get my hands on it! Who else is excited for these games?

This game can be pre-ordered at GameStop here