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Updated: Feb 20, 2019

Welcome to TechMike reviews! I wanted to take a little time and introduce myself and explain a little bit about what I want to accomplish with this site and what the plans are for the future.

About TechMike

I am a gamer from Idaho that has grown up with everything Nintendo. I am also a father of an awesome 9 month old son and a husband to my wife of 7 years. Being a gamer, a family man, and a working college student has its challenges - finding a balance with my limited time is something I struggle with. I was a streamer on Twitch (with the TechMike name) before we had our first child and had some moderate success with the channel, but the time commitment was too high. I might eventually come back to streaming in the future. I wanted to make sure I didn't miss my son growing up and spend more time with him. Since then I have been thinking on how I can still be involved in the gaming community as well as spend time with my family. I came up with TechMike reviews.

TechMike Reviews

Lets talk about why I started this website. This website is an idea I have had for awhile but I wanted to stand out from other gaming review sites as well. The idea I came up with is not only rating and reviewing games but also giving them a family seal of approval. As a father I want to be able to help other families know what games are good for kids, as well as games to play with the whole family. This is something I think a lot of review sites overlook, and don't realize there are a lot of parents who buy their kids games, not knowing much about them.

My hope is to educate parents on what games are great for their kids. If my review features the image to the right, I approve the game for families. Now, this is not the sole purpose of my reviews, but a something that sets my reviews apart from others.

Future Plans

I plan on reviewing all the games I own on my Nintendo switch and some of the games I have on my PC. I am hoping I can release a review a week until I get caught up on all my games. I do plan on buying new games to review - these will include AAA titles and indies; if you would like to contribute to this please feel free to donate (donate page above). My reviews will not post the day games release as I want to make sure I get time to review and make sure I give you the best review possible. I also have a YouTube channel (link above, YouTube logo) that I will be utilizing in the future for game play, reviews and beginners guides to some games.

Please let me know what you would like to see and what games you would like to be reviewed. Comment below or fill out the contact form on the contact page of the website. Follow me on Twitter (above twitter logo) or sign up for the email newsletters (front page at the bottom) to get the latest news from TechMike Reviews.