Mario Party is back!

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

This has been a long time coming and something that a lot of people have been asking for. Mario Party is one of those classic Nintendo franchises many people have come to love and have grown up on. So why is everyone so excited for this particular one? Lets dive into why this may be one of the best Mario Party games to date.

Back to the basics

Mario has a very simple concept at its core, it is a board game. You roll dice, move around the board and interact with the spaces you land on. Everyone competes to collect the most stars and whoever has the most at the end wins. After everyone's turn you play some mini games as well to collect more coins, which are used to buy stars.

Now this has been the case with most of the Mario Party games, but lately that formula has changed. Instead of going around the board independently, you were all travelling together. You also didn't play mini games every turn; you had to land on those spaces. This is something most people found to be boring and not enjoyable. So we asked for the game to go back to its roots and that is exactly what we got with Super Mario Party!

Whats new?

This Mario Party game brings all the original game play back with some added features for a fresh new look on this game. First of all, there are a lot more characters to choose from like: Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Wario, Waluigi, Yoshi, Rosalina, Bowser, Shy Guy, Koopa Troopa, Bowser Jr., Boo, Hammer Bro, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Dry Bones and new comers Goomba, Pom Pom and Monte Mole. Each of these characters have special dice they can roll. For example, Bowser's dice has -3 -3 1 8 9 10. This is a lot of fun and adds more strategy to the game. Picking your character is key in this game. I do want to mention that you have to play with a single joy-con and your Switch has to be docked for most game modes.

Mini Games

Nintendo has included 80 brand new mini games.

These include some of the best mini games I have played in Mario Party. The mini games are very well designed and take full advantage of what the joy-cons can do. There are of course some mini games that can be boring, but out of 80 of the mini games these are few and far between. I am glad they chose to design all new mini games for this version of Mario Party, as it adds a fresh feel to the game.

Game Modes

Lets dive into the many game modes this game has and what each mode offers. First, we have Mario party which is the classic 'roll the dice and move around the board, buy stars, and play mini games.' If you have played a Mario Party game before you know what to expect here.

Partner Party

This game mode lets you play on teams of two going head to head, trying to gain the most stars. The difference in this game mode is that the boards change to be nonlinear and are in a more grid like fashion. You and your partner both roll your dice and combine your number to move across the board. Now this is where it gets really interesting - you both move independently and choose where you go on the grid (according to how much you rolled).

The real catch here is that you have to land on the star space, not just pass it like you do on normal Mario Party mode. This mode is a lot of fun for couples and friends. It has you plan as a team where each team member is going to. This is very important as, like in Mario Party mode, the star moves to a new space every time someone gets the star. Something that does bother me about this mode is it wants you to high-five your teammate all the time! This is something my wife and I found very annoying.

River Survival

This mode takes the partner party to a whole new level, as you are all working together to get down the river before time runs out. You have to row a raft together to get down the river. Players can then pop balloons along the way to play co-op mini games. These mini games are key, as you will never complete the course with the amount of time given alone. You will need to complete these mini games to gain more time - the better the team does, the more time is awarded. You also will meet forks in the river; you will need to choose as a team where you want to go. Each fork has a preview image of what to expect for each fork.

Sound Stage

In this mode players play rhythm based games and try to get high scores.

Toads Rec Room

This mode I have not had a chance to play yet, as this requires two games and two Nintendo Switch's. It uses the two switch's to create multi-screen environments in which you play some mini games. You can see how this works in the official trailer below:

Online Mario-thon

The online mode is a collection of mini games, which rotate through the 80 every so often. You compete with your friends online to see who wins the most mini games. This is something that feels like it was included just to say they added online capabilities. I wish they would have added the other modes into the online feature. It would have been a lot of fun to play the board game with friends online.


You can now gain allies along the way to help you move faster; this happens on certain spaces and from certain items. Allies give you their dice to use if you want. They also will roll a 1 or 2 to be added to your dice roll. This can really add up, as you can have multiple allies. There are more items - for example there are mushrooms which will alter your dice roll by adding +5 or +3 or take away -2 to someone else's dice roll. The items are something that are lacking from the original Mario Parties I grew up on. I am hoping they add more with future updates.

Game Boards

The game boards in this game are fun but seem small. I am used to the old Mario Parties that had maps that seemed big and had lots of ways to interact with different elements on the board. There were even some maps that were a straight line with a star at the end, and when someone got the star you started back at the beginning. I believe they spent a lot of time on the mini games and game modes and didn't spend a lot of time on the boards. Hopefully with future updates or DLC we can get more boards.


I am so glad Mario Party is back and with it's original formula.

My family has had a blast with this game and it is perfect for people who don't play video games

much - it is very easy to pick up and play. I do have a few gripes with this game like the online feature, boards, and items. However, I would say overall this is a great Mario Party game! I am just hoping we see more content as a DLC or update.

Price: currently $57.95 on Amazon.

Rating: 4/5 Stars


+ Back to the basics

+ 80 new mini-games

+ More characters/special dice

+ Multiple game modes


- Online feature is lacking

- Lack of items/boards

Family Approval:

  • For ages 5 and up

  • Great for couples

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