Luigi's Mansion 3

Luigi's Mansion 3 is a great addition to the Nintendo Switch and was released on Halloween, which was perfect, considering the theme of this game. The game begins with Luigi and friends going on vacation to a hotel - only to be captured by ghosts. Luigi escapes and has to fight the ghosts in order to save his friends. Lets break down what was right and wrong with this game.



In this game you have to fight ghosts; this is done with a single weapon - a multi-function vacuum called the Poltergeist 3000, which can be used in different ways throughout the game. The main feature is the ability to use suction on the ghosts - in order for your vacuum to suck up a ghost you have to drag the ghost around with the vacuum's suction until the life points of the ghost reach zero, at which point they get sucked up. Another way to get a ghosts life points down is to toss them back and forth while trying to suck them up. This system of sucking up ghosts and tossing ghosts is a bit easy for my taste - I do wish there was a harder option for this game at times. Some of the alternative functions of the vacuum include things like the flashlight, which stuns the ghosts, and dark energy which reveals areas or doors. You also have the option of a plunger, which can be used to attach to objects or ghosts and then can be pulled off to reveal areas or remove armor from the ghosts. Just like many vacuums you can also blow air out of the Poltergeist to reveal or push objects.


This game does have some items available to purchase that help you find additional items or bring you back to life. Gold for these items is obtained on each floor by sucking up coins, bills, or gold bars.

Another component to this game is your doggy companion, or Polterpup. This ghost dog helps you find items, enemy ghosts, and uses the gold bone item above. Your Polterpup also helps guide you through the floors, which can make things quite a bit easier.


Each floor in the hotel is a different level or stage of the game, and there are quite a few floors (levels). To get to each level you need an elevator button, which is obtained by defeating another floor of the hotel. What's fun about these levels is that they are themed: for example, a floor might have a pirate, Egyptian, or medieval theme. Each level has its own puzzles to solve, and some are made easier with co-op, which I will talk about later. In addition to the puzzles, each level has its own set of mini bosses and bosses that are defeated in different ways. The one problem with the bosses is that when you get to the higher stages the method to defeat the bosses is repeated from previous floors. This takes the excitement out of new bosses and makes it feel dull at times.


Luigi's Mansion 3 introduces some multiplayer mini-games. This is a great addition, and is something that Nintendo has says it will release DLC for in the future. The multiplayer has two different modes which are explained below.

ScareScraper: In this mode you will find a multiplayer co-op ghost-wrangling game. Up to eight players can join in either online or locally, with the objective being to save Toads and capture ghosts, while racing against a timer. Each player controls a different colored Luigi or Gooigi figure as you play together.

ScreamPark: In this mode the players are split into two teams for versus style games — a Luigi team and a Gooigi team. There are three different games in this mode: Coin Floating, Ghost Hunt, and Cannon Barrage.

  • Coin Floating takes place in the hotel pool with each player sitting on a pool floaty. Players race to use their Poltergeists to push them toward coins while trying to avoid mines. The team to collect the most coins within the countdown time wins.

  • Ghost Hunt has teams compete to see who can get the most points by capturing ghosts within the time limit. Some ghosts are worth more points than others.

  • Cannon Barrage involves each team taking advantage of the Poltergeist's ability to suck and then push out air. Each team works together to collect cannonballs, load up the cannon, and then shoot the rotating targets. You can even steal cannonballs from the other team by sucking them towards you. The team with the most points by the end of the countdown wins.

Co-op Play

The newest addition to this game is the introduction of Gooigi. Gooigi is a character you obtain partway through the game, and is used a lot throughout the different levels in order to defeat enemies and solve puzzles. Gooigi can be controlled by another player, which gives you the option to play this game in co-op style, or as single player.

The defining feature of Gooigi's character is that he can go through grates (shown above) and spikes (shown to the right), because he is essentially made out of goo. This characteristic is used to solve the puzzles on many of the floors. The addition of Gooigi is something that is very welcome to me; anytime a game adds co-op play and does it well, that's a plus for me.


Luigi's Mansion 3 has a a lot to offer with co-op, multiplayer and single player options. It is a great game for people who want to play casually, since you can easily pick it up and play for a few hours and then put it back down without feeling like you haven't accomplished anything in the game. This game is also excellent for families and couples who want great multiplayer options (more to come via DLC) and co-op play. The co-op play also gives you the opportunity to help young kids or your spouse in the single player mode. I recommend this game for anyone's Nintendo Switch game collection.

Price: $59.99 Can be found at GameStop here

Rating: 4/5 stars


+ co-op play

+ level design

+ multiplayer


- battle system

- bosses

Family approved:+ Age 7 and up