It Came From Space and Ate Our Brains

This game is a unique top-down shooter in which you are defending the planet from invading aliens. With different game modes and four player co-op, this game has a lot going for it. See what I think of this game and its different mechanics, below.


This game plays a lot like other games in its genre; you have to run through levels and get to checkpoints - which this game calls safe houses. Along the way you will find small glowing crates that contain money, temporary upgrades, med kits, and consumables (like a shield). However, some crates will simply be empty. In the video below, you can see a crate breaking open which contains a temporary upgrade (there will be more information about this in the section on Upgrades). Keep in mind that you can only hold one item at a time from these crates, regardless of what type of item you receive.

Med Kits/Consumables

The only way to heal in this game is through med kits. A med kit will increase your health by one heart, with a maximum of four hearts being possible at one time.

Consumables are items that help you in the level. As explained above, you might get a shield, sentry gun, or other consumable. These should be used wisely and saved, if possible, for when you need help the most, as there aren't many in each level.


Some crates you find will give you a temporary upgrade (seen in the video above). On the bottom left of the screen there is a blue bar, which indicates how long your upgrade will last - once the bar runs out you will go back to the weapon you had before. When you kill aliens you get money points or you can find money inside crates, as mentioned above. You can use this money to upgrade or purchase weapons while playing. In order to do this you need bring up the menu while in battle, but you need to be cautious, since the game does not stop or slow down for you to make your purchase.


This game has many enemies and each have different health and speed. You can see in the video below hordes of enemies coming after me while trying to complete an objective:


There are a total of six levels in the campaign and all can be played via co-op, which I will dive into a little later. Parts of these levels can be very difficult with tons of enemies surrounding you, which makes it very intense. My only wish is that there were more levels and more of a story to each of them. At the end of each level it will give you a score, as well as a tally of kills, shots fired, deaths and your favorite weapon.


One thing I have to point out are the controls for this game. The button layout is straight forward, with the shoulder buttons being used for shooting and accessing the menu, the "B" button for items, and the "A" button for actions in the game. Both sticks are used for movement. The only problem with this button layout is my hand started to cramp. I have tried the joy-cons separately and in the grip with no luck. I have also played with the Nintendo pro controller and still found this to be an issue.

Co-op Play

Co-op is a lot of fun and you can play all the campaign levels - these levels can get even crazier when the other person dies. When your co-op partner dies you have to stand over their dead body for a set amount of time to revive them; if you leave the area before fully reviving them, the percentage starts going back to zero. All the while, aliens are charging you and trying to kill you. You can see this game does a good job of splitting the screen, so each player can go off and do their own thing if they want to.

At the end of a level after playing co-op, you do get a score read-out like in single player mode, but now there is a winner involved. This makes it more competitive, if you want to play that way. Working together felt more natural as these levels can be very challenging.


Price: $14.99 Can be found on the eShop here

Rating: 3.5/5 stars


+ Upgrade system + Levels can be challenging + co-op play


- Only 6 levels - Controls