Is a Pro Controller Worth it?

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Why get a Pro Controller?

The Nintendo Switch comes with two controllers attached to the console. These are called joy-cons and both are great for party games or just playing casually on the couch in handheld or TV mode. But what if you want to play a competitive shooter or fighting game? You can get away with using the joy-cons, and they do include the grip for a more "normal" controller experience, but for me they are small and uncomfortable at times. I also noticed the lack of a D-pad, and the joysticks are kind of small.

Why Nintendo's Pro Controller?

There are third-party Pro Controllers out there but I recommend the ones made by Nintendo. The reason I say that is because it is a name you can trust for high quality. The first time you pick up this controller you will notice the quality - the weight feels nice in the hand, and the grips are textured which also feels great. The joysticks are responsive and the buttons have good feedback when clicked. This controller also comes with a charging cable, which is USB-C just like the system. This battery lasts for days of use and I only charge mine maybe every other week. My only gripe is that the triggers need more travel - in other words, I wish they had a little more resistance and stuck out from the controller a bit more. The Nintendo Pro Controller starts at $55.54 on Amazon (see links below). If you want a special edition like the one pictured above, it will cost you more. If you really want to buy a third-party please be sure it comes from a name you can trust.

What games are worth using a Pro Controller?

You're probably thinking, "What games do I have that I would want a pro controller for?" Now, I can't speak for your list of games but I can give you a list of mine that might help you decide.

  • Splatoon 2 (Review here)

  • Super Smash Bros

  • Zelda: Breathe of the Wild

  • Arena of Valor (Review here)

  • WarFrame

For shooters like Splatoon 2, I like having bigger joysticks and triggers. For fighting games like Super Smash Bros you need a good D-pad. For other games like Zelda or Arena of Valor, I like the feel of this controller.


For me, this is the preferred way to play my Switch in TV mode. This controller is something that I bought at the same time I bought Splatoon 2, as I wanted to have a nice controller for certain games on the system. If you choose to pick one up I promise you wont regret it.

Pro controllers on Amazon:

Black Pro Controller: ($55.54)

Xenoblade Edition: ($93)

Splatoon 2 edition: ($80.48)

Smash Bros Edition: (Normally $75, currently not in stock)

Recommended 3rd Party Controller: ($44.99)

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars


+ Quality

+ D-pad

+ Size/Feel in the hand

+ Bigger joysticks


- Triggers

- Price

Do you have a Pro controller? What are your thoughts on it?