How to Charge all Controllers?

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Charging your joy-cons is an easy task: attach them to the Switch while it's charging, and it will simultaneously charge your joy-cons. And Nintendo's pro controller? Plug it into the dock with its included cable and it will charge. So why have a charging station? Let's explore if this option is right for you.


This charging station is very easy to set up: plug the included USB plug into the dock or a wall outlet, and begin charging. The joy-cons slide into the side slots just like on your Switch; some of these stations have 4 joy-con charging ports, without pro controller support (link below). The one I own, and am reviewing, has 2 slots for joy-cons and one slot for the pro controller. The pro controller does have an extra attachment in order to use this charger - there is a connection piece that is USB -C which you plug into your pro controller; it wraps underneath the controller with some connection pins. I first thought this would be annoying to have on my controller, but as I have been using it and playing games, I find I don't mind it and leave it on the controller at all times.


This is a great addition to my setup and lets me charge all my controllers at once. The convenience of having them all charged and ready to go for some multiplayer games, such as Overcooked 2 (review here) or Mario Party (review here), with family or friends without having to worry about almost dead controllers is really a plus. I would recommend this to anyone who has multiple controllers, and especially if you have people over to game. The price is right (see below), and the convenience is well worth it in my opinion.

Amazon: ($14.99)

4 joy-con option: (Around $20)

Rating: 5/5 Stars