Hidden Through Time

Hidden Through Time is a casual game, taking you through time to find objects on the map. It reminds me of the old books in doctors offices where you had to find objects in a picture. The difference with this game, of course, is that the picture is alive and you can zoom in. You will find eggs in stone age levels, and items such as crowns in medieval levels. Let's explore this game and what it has to offer.


Hidden Through Time has you explore different maps, themed with different time periods, to find objects hidden in them.

You will notice that the art style is almost hand drawn and very unique. While playing a level you can zoom in to find small objects. You can also highlight the object it wants you to find to get a clue, in the form of a riddle. Find all the objects to complete the level 100% or you can find the minimum to move onto the next. This is a nice feature for players that might feel frustrated when they can't find all the objects, and still gives them a sense of accomplishment.

Level creation

This game has a hidden gem in it with it's level creation tool. You can create your very own level with hidden objects to upload and share with others. You can also search for other levels created by users and download them. This creates a game that never ends and has endless levels and possibilities. It also allows you to create levels to challenge your friends or kids.


This is a great game for a casual gamer or someone who wants to relax and play this for awhile. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a game for smaller children as well, as this is an easy concept for them. The online feature of downloading more levels and creating your own makes the game play never end. For $8 this is a very cheap option for a fun game to add to your Switch library.

Price: $7.99 Can be found on the eShop here

Rating: 3.5/5 stars


+ Fun Art Style

+ Sense of Accomplishment

+ Level Creation


- Slow for some