Updated: Sep 27, 2019

Nail the perfect line in the future's most challenging stunt sport!


FutureGrind is a fast past sport game featuring a bike on colored rails. You are to get across the track while scoring with big tricks. Don't touch the the wrong color rail or you will explode! If you succeed there will be sponsors who will give you more cash. This will allow you to unlock more tracks and bikes.


This game has very unique controls, in that you are spinning your bike around to match the color of your wheel to the rail. Spinning gets you bonus points, as this is how you can pull off tricks. This game will definitively test your skills and have you determined to clear certain parts of tracks. There is an instant replay which comes in handy. You can expect to explode a lot in this game, but the reward for finishing with a high score comes in the form of sponsors - this game is all about high scores and getting the sponsors. Sponsors help you progress in this game with new bikes - all with different styles of play, and of course dozens of new tracks to unlock and beat. With the new tracks and bikes added, this game has a lot of content. Something that I found, however, was that the tracks were not different enough to keep me coming back. This game is missing something - it needs another mode or multiplayer racing on the rails to keep me coming back.

Check out the gameplay trailer below:


While I was intrigued by this game and how unique it was, I felt disappointed in the lack of game modes. There is a lot here, but not enough variety to keep me coming back. If you are into stunt-sports games then I would give this a try. Hoping to see this game updated with more modes and multiplayer - when that happens I would be more than happy to update the review.

Price (Only on Eshop*): $19.99

*Also available on PS4 and Steam (PC)

Rating: 2.5/5


+ Lots of content

+ Easy controls (hard to master)


- Only one mode

- Needs more variety

- Needs multiplayer

Family Approved:

+ Age 7 and up