Exlene Wireless GameCube Controller

Updated: Aug 31, 2019


Exlene has been kind to me again and sent me their wireless Bluetooth GameCube controller. After trying the wired version of this controller (review found here) I was very excited to try the wireless version.

The wireless version does have a USB-C port for charging and connecting to the dock. Setting up the controller was a breeze - like all pro-controllers, you plug the cable into the controller and dock and it syncs automatically.

What games did I try with the GameCube Controller?

- Evil Defenders

- Tetris 99

- Mario Kart 8

I tried the above games to get an idea of the controllers use and feel in the hands. Unlike the wired version, the weight of this controller is a little better (probably due to the battery). Again, with this controller the buttons and triggers are a little stiff, which is a big downside for this controller - they are just too rigid and hard to press. Comparing this to the wired controller again, I did notice that the headphone jack is missing, which is something I really liked in the wired controller. This controller does have a rumble feature, now not as good as the HD rumble in the joy-cons or Nintendo Pro controller but it does have a good rumble. The other thing this controller does have is motion control which is a great plus for a controller at this price point.

Check out my video review below:


This is a great GameCube controller for the price. Having a wireless version is always a welcomed plus in 2019. The addition of rumble and motion control is a great positive to this controller. As mentioned above, this controller does suffer the same problem as the wired version in that the buttons are stiff and hard to press. Also, the removing of the headphone jack is a disappointment, and something that gave the wired one a plus as a unique feature.

$39.99 on Amazon here

Rating: 4/5 Stars


+ Inexpensive

+ Responsive

+ Wireless

+ Rumble

+ Motion Control


- Firm buttons

- No headphone jack

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