Exlene Wired GameCube Controller

Updated: Sep 17, 2019


The GameCube controller has been around for 18 years now and is still the preferred controller among a lot of gamers for Smash Bros. play. I own a GameCube and have many memories with the system and its controller. I was fortunate enough to receive this controller from Exlene to try out on the Nintendo Switch. These are my thoughts and the games I tried out with this controller.

What games did I try with the GameCube Controller?

- Overcooked 2

- Minecraft

- Tetris 99

First of all, when plugging this into the dock remember to enable "Pro-controller wired communication" in your Switch settings; this wasn't in the user guide at the time of writing this (I have since talked to the company and they are adding this to their manual). See instructions below on how to enable this: From the HOME Menu select "System Settings" > "Controllers and Sensors."Select "Pro Controller Wired Communication" to enable this feature. Select it again to disable it.

I tried the above games to get an idea of the controllers use and feel in the hands. I have to say, the feeling in the hand is comfortable and feels a lot like the original controller. One of the downsides of this controller, however, is the weight. It feels a little light, and I wish it had a little weight to it, to make it feel a bit more substantial; maybe the wireless version will have more weight because of the battery (review coming for this version as well). The buttons and triggers are a little stiff, but that could be because its so new; the buttons are a big downside for this controller for me though - they are just too stiff and hard to press. One of the great things about this controller, however, is the addition of a headphone jack. This is something you don't always see, and gives you the ability to listen to your game through the controller.

Check out my video review below:


This controller is a good option if you don't want too spend much on a GameCube controller (or pro controller) for the Switch. I wouldn't recommend it for tournament play - I would recommend spending a little extra for quality for more serious play. Overall, the controller isn't bad - it just needs a little work on the buttons and weight to feel a little more polished.

$29.99 on Amazon - https://amzn.to/2GNvR3A

Rating: 3.5/5 Stars


+ Inexpensive

+ Responsive

+ Headphone jack


- Firm buttons

- Feels a little light in the hand

- Wired