Evil Defenders

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

Everyone has played a tower defense game at some point. This game takes that genre in a great direction and plays beautifully on the Switch!


I was a little wary about getting a tower defense game on a console - when I think of tower defense I think of mobile games. I wasn't sure how the controls and graphics would look on a home console. To my surprise, this game is very nice looking on the big screen and the controls work great. The developer did a great job getting the controls to work with a Switch. This game has a ton of levels and potentially many hours you can sink into, with 90 levels, 15 maps, and multiple difficulties for each level! This game also does a great job incorporating multiple different towers, and each tower has an upgrade tree; however, the one downside to this is that you find yourself being forced to play the other difficulties on previous levels to upgrade towers to defeat the later levels. This causes the game to have a bit of a grind to it when trying to progress through all the levels. To counter this, I found myself taking breaks and playing this game more casually.


The core of this game is like any other tower defense game. You are trying to stop waves of different kinds of enemies from reaching the end of their path. Along the path you have the option of placing different towers to stop your enemy from reaching their goal. The difficult part of these games is strategizing effectively to place the right towers to counter your enemies. For example, some enemies will be strong against magic, so a magic tower won't hurt them much. Finding this balance in your lineup is the hard part of these games, but is not so difficult that the challenge is discouraging; it's enough to keep you interested in playing. The first tower you build of a certain type will be a very basic version of it. Along the way you will be able to upgrade your towers to be stronger, faster and have other abilities. Also, after each level you gain points which can be spent on making your towers stronger overall.

Overall, the gameplay is what you expect out of a tower defense game, but this particular game does add more of a skill tree than others, as well as beautiful graphics.

Here is some of my gameplay of this game:


With the combination of easy controls, beautiful graphics, and an in-depth skill tree system, this game is easily one of the best tower defense games I have played. The only negative I have is it can be a bit of a grind having to go back through the levels to gain more points for upgrades in order to beat the higher levels. Overall, I would recommend this game to anyone who loves the tower defense genre or wants a nice casual game on the Switch.

Price (Only on Eshop): $9.99

*Also available for PC

Rating: 4/5 stars


+ Easy controls

+ Skill tree

+ Graphics


- Too much grind

Family Approved:

+ Age 7 and up