Updated: Sep 27, 2019

Ever want to man a space ship with your friends and defeat enemy ships? Love Overcooked? Well this is the game for you!


Catastronauts is a crazy couch co-op game with up to four players, where you have to load and fire weapons, repair the ship and equipment and put out fires. Much like Overcooked (review here) you are tasked to complete objectives together as a team for a common goal. Instead of preparing orders of food you are preparing guns to defeat the enemy ship. To do this you must communicate and assign jobs like you do in Overcooked.


The goal of each level in this game is to defeat the enemy ship before yours is destroyed. To do this you must fire your weapons or load your missiles to fire. While doing this, you must repair your ship and put out fires before you take on too much damage. Accomplishing these tasks playing single player is difficult, as you have to switch between two characters. This game really shines with 2-4 players (locally) - there is no online feature currently and no plans so far from the developer.

First, you pick a level by choosing a platform in the hub world, which looks like a space station of some sort. When you select a level you are presented with multiple characters to choose from - each with Star Trek inspired outfits. You unlock additional characters throughout the game as well.

Each level awards you 1-3 stars according to how fast you defeated your enemy. It also gives each player a title according to what they achieved in that level - some positive, and some negative. These titles are hilariously named and fun to see what each player gets.


This game seems heavily inspired by Overcooked but can stand on its own as a great couch co-op game. I do have some problems with the game as the levels seem to be too similar and need more variety. Also, the lack of an online multiplayer (especially 2 local vs 2 others online) is a real bummer to an otherwise great game. Enlist today and save the galaxy with Catastronauts!

Price (Only on Eshop): $16.99

*Also available for Xbox One, PS4 and PC

Rating: 3.5/5


+ Great multiplayer

+ Concept is easy to understand


- No online play

- Needs more variety

Family Approved:

+ Awesome for Couples/Families

+ Age 7 and up