Cat Quest II

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Cat Quest II is a fast-paced open-world RPG where you play as either a cat or dog. You work on quests, defeat monsters, and complete dungeons. Your goal is to take back your kingdom in a time of war. Cat Quest II is a fun addition to the RPG genre and brings a co-op multiplayer mode to the table, all while including a little cat and dog humor.


The game play is very much a hack-and-slash style, with some skill involved in dodging attacks. The controls are simple to use - you have an attacked button, a roll button (dodge) and the shoulder buttons can be mapped to perform different spells. You wander the map to complete side quests, dungeons and of course the main story quest. Let's dive into what this game offers and what you can expect from it.

Overworld and Quests

The over world for this game is very straightforward. You walk around with your character and follow the main story quest, which has an arrow you can follow to find the next objective, or you have the option to find and follow side quests. The map is pretty big for this game and feels very open - you can go pretty much anywhere you like.

There are multiple side quests in this game - all are ranked with their difficulty, which is presented to you so you can choose which quests to pursue; be careful when choosing a difficult quest, as your character might not be at the right level to do well in that quest.


The dungeons in this game are all pretty similar, in that there are multiple paths but only one leads to the end. The other paths usually take you to some sort of chest with new armor, weapons, exp, or money (some of these will be explained in further detail later). Each dungeon has a specific object to collect or boss you have to defeat in order to complete the dungeon. These can be fun, as you are presented with a variety of monsters, bosses, and other objects or puzzles you have to figure out in order to get past.


This game features a few weapons that can be equipped and upgraded. When you hover over a weapon in your inventory it will tell you how much it improves your attack. These can also be upgraded with money or by finding the same weapon in a dungeon (which upgrades your current). You can also equip magic staffs instead of a weapon for more magic damage, and your attacks change from melee to magic wielding.

Armor is structured pretty close to the same as weapons, but instead of attack power your armor of course gives you better protection against enemies, and helps minimize the damage you receive. You also have head gear which can increase armor, magic or ability to inflict damage. These are upgraded the same way as weapons.

The last thing you can do with your inventory is assign what magic to use. This is different than the magic you wield with a staff. This magic is something you can assign to shoulder buttons and use when your mana is full. To increase mana you have to strike your enemy with your weapon - once full, you can unleash your magic of choice. This can be helpful, as some of the monsters are only damaged by magic. A few examples of magic you have the potential to use include healing, ice, and fire powers.

Co-op Play

This is a big draw for me, as I love finding good co-op games on the Switch. This is a perfect game to play with kids because you work side-by-side and can easily help them through the game. Plus, the controls and story are simple enough for kids to learn easily and enjoy. It is also worth nothing that if someones' health is gone they will lie there with a pink circle around them. In order to get them back you have to stay in that circle to get their health back up. Again, this makes it ideal for playing with kids because you're not limited on lives, and can never truly die since you can be fairly easily revived. My wife and I really had a good time playing this game in co-op mode and we are always open to more co-op games.


This game brings a lot of things together in a fun little package. First of all, the co-op experience is awesome and it feels like this game was built around that. Cat Quest II has a huge world, and offers many upgrades, weapons, and armor to find throughout the story and quests. Some of the side quests are goofy and definitely lighten up the game at times. The humor in this game is full of puns and is something that gets a little old for me, but overall this game is an awesome experience and something that I recommend for families, kids, or just someone who wants a fun open-world RPG.

Price: $14.99 Can be found on the eShop here

Rating: 4/5 stars


+ co-op play

+ open world

+ solid upgrade system

+ great for kids


- humor Family approved:+ Age 7 and up