7th Sector

7th Sector is a cyber-punk themed puzzle adventure. This game has you choose between different paths to take, solve all sorts of puzzles, collect information for the story, and face danger all along the way. You gain control of different characters as you go, and each contributes their own special abilities to aid in solving the puzzles. All of your choices, including your path choices, influence and change the way the game ends. See below what I think of this game so far, during the time I've had it.


In 7th Sector the game has you play as a spark the majority of the time - going along rails (mostly wires) and solving puzzles along the way to get across the game. These puzzles can be anything from a math problem, to controlling an RC car, or finding a ball that is magnetic. Each puzzle has its own difficulty, and they gradually get harder as you progress. Sometimes I found that the puzzles weren't explained well, or at least they weren't obvious on how to solve; I found that a lot of the time I was guessing or playing around with the puzzle until I figured it out. Interspersed with the puzzles there were a few stealth sections (where you have to sneak past obstacles) that were so tight on time that it seemed almost impossible to succeed - but it was rewarding to pass these kinds of areas.


This game relies on three controls; one for direction as you move along the games rails (mostly wires), a button to switch between contact points, and a button to increase your speed. The controls can be hard, as you have to get the spark in the center of the wire to go full speed, which can be difficult to get just right.

Conclusion This game has a really interesting concept and take on a puzzle adventure game. I love the level design and how the story progresses while you slide along the levels. Each level has a part of the story happening in the background while you solve puzzles. As I mentioned before, some of the puzzles were not explained well and took a long time to figure out - this became frustrating the farther I got in the game, as the game gets more difficult. However, all-in-all I do recommend this game for anyone who loves puzzles and is looking for a challenge.

Price: $19.99 Can be found on the eShop here

Rating: 3/5 stars

Pros: + Story

+ Level Design

Cons: - Puzzle confusion